Saturday, November 14
Going, Going, Gone Lighter!!!

Going, going, gone LIGHTER!

OK let’s face it every time we open up a magazine, check social media, or watch tv there it is, celebs changing their hair color like it’s a pair of shoes! So, why does it look so easy and so achievable? Well, I hate to disappoint but, often times it’s NOT easy!

As a long time salon professional let me tell you, my team and I see this all the time. Our job as stylist is to educate you, give you our professional opinion, and to be 100% HONEST!  Which means sometimes it may not be what you want to hear. However, with a little patience and willing to invest in the evolution there is LIGHTER at the end of the tunnel!

Let me fill you in a little hair color 101. When lightening hair or lifting hair color the hair stands must go through various stages of color change. The stages of color change will vary from guest to guest depending on the hair history. For example if one has been using box color at home for 10 years then, we must remove that 10 years of color build up. If someone has been a red head all her life we must remove all that red that was previously used. As we start to lighten the hair and remove the unwanted tones then we are left with what is called underlying pigment. Which means, the tone that appears once the hair has been lightened. Often times when lifting form dark to light the underlying pigments are always orange, red and red-orange and yellow. Yes, I know all the tones that are scary to have when going light! Let’s face it no one comes into the salon asking for that perfect brassy shade of orange gold! Everyone wants that gorge shade of Khloe K. icy blonde. We know, we see that picture at least 3 times a day! Trust me though, we are not complaining Mrs. Khloe keeps us busy and we love the inspiration she gives our guest!  What you don’t always see is the evolution of shades that take place as the lightening is happening.


Here is a perfect picture to use as a guide to the light side. As you can see the changing tones that are taking place as the blonding is slowly taking place. Sometimes you may not like nor want that shade of honey blonde or coppery brown but, in order to get to that icy blonde it has be part of the process there is NO WAY around it. So, if during the process you stay a bit warmer looking and a bit more golden than you wanted well, wear it and rock it! It’s going to be ok!  We don’t consider it a re-do because it’s part of a BIGGER BLONDER picture! There is nothing worse for a stylist to hear than you don’t like it because it’s too warm or still too dark. We know, we told you this might happen so please TRUST your stylist. We’ve been here before! You know?  No matter where you go or what amount of money you spend any professional stylist will tell you it’s a process and an investment in time and money. A true professional will keep the integrity of your hair in mind and give you their honest assessment. Be wary of salons or stylist who tell you yes we can do that today no problem after you’ve been using black box color since you were 12! RED FLAG CENTRAL RUN! Sadly, these are the guest that we are constantly having to correct, re-pair and trying to reconstruct after the hair has been compromised. We would rather see a guest 2-4 times and evolve them gradually rather than turn their hair to cotton candy trying to achieve it in one visit. Trust us we are not shy about letting you know! We got your back!

Someone once explained to me how to look at lightening from dark to blonde in “baby terms” so you’re in kindergarten and you have an art project and you paint your picture solid black, brown or red then realize it looks a little dark and goth and depressing. While all your little classmates are painting sun shines, rainbows, billowy clouds and unicorns so, you decide to go over it with yellows and pinks and white. So what happens?  Absolutely nothing! Just a blob of dull color that looks like nothing really! You can’t see the lighter colors over the dark. Exactly! You have to erase those dark colors before starting over right? As you start erasing you also start seeing the remanence of what is left over from the colors you just scribbled everywhere! Same concept with hair. Whoever told me that I LOVE you! It’s been almost 16 years and I can’t remember who said it to me but I literally still use this analogy behind the chair and WORKS! It works because it make so much sense!

So, I hope in reading this you gained a little insight on the process and the evolution of going light. If you’re ready to venture into the blonde side from the brunette world then TRUST the process, be PAITIENT and be ready to INVEST time and money into more than one session! If you can handle it then stop by and let us take you there one visit at a time and LOVE every shade along the way!



Tuesday, March 31
Spring Forward!

Hey Bumble Babes,

Chatty here! If you dolls are anything like me you’re desperately missing our beautiful sunny days about now! Just because our weather isn’t ready for spring doesn’t mean our hair & makeup can’t be prepared & on trend right? I want to “chat” about my spring faves & suggestions concerning all things beauty! It’s a wonderful time to be alive & an even better time to be a gal. (Sorry gents we’ll have a blog for you soon. I promise.) This one is for my ladies!

2015 is already an amazing year but I’m particularly excited for spring! SIMPLICITY is in! Gone are the days of highly stylized, impossible to do at home hair, over shadowed smoky eyes & over all just over done looks. Say hello to tousled hair & natural makeup! If you love your long locks: keep them! Bumble has you covered with our all new “Surf Infusion” an oil & salt-infused spray for soft, sea tossed waves. If you already love our Surf Spray…Surf Infusion is a spring essential! SO easy to use & will give you lasting beachy waves with just the perfect amount of sheen. For the more daring/edgy V-Dolls it’s all about the BOB! Chop it off & never look back. Taylor Swift started it all & shortly after Kim, Demi & what seems like everyone else in Celebuland has been knocking down salon doors to get it all taken off. Blunt lines, strong shapes yes completely effortless & chic looking. I am loving this trend! Hair color has also gone back to basics. Sunkissed & seamless is how I like to look at it. Highly blended, tonally flattering hand painted ribbons are what you should be talking with your artist about. Buh bye “chunks” “stripes” etc. we will never miss you!! 

“Love the skin you’re in.” We’ve all heard it before but the time is NOW! Let your natural beauty shine through. The key to a great makeup is great skin, the better the skin, the less makeup needed…you see where I’m going with this? Spring 2015 is the perfect opportunity to change up your day to day makeup routine. First things first: Give your skin some TLC. We have dealt with a colder winter than usual & with the cold comes dry & tired skin. Rhonda Allision Beta Green Tea wash is perfect to give life back to the skin. Also, moisture is key! Double up your water intake & you’ll be thrown your heavy foundation out the window in no time. A little bronzer & some highlight to accentuate your natural face shape & you’re out the door! As far as lip color, if you know me, you know anything goes! You like it you wear it but you BETTER wear it well. From neon orange to a vampy dark purple: Confidence is KEY!